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 A Friday in March 2020 the office I work at closed. The plan was to work from home for 3 weeks and then come back. As I went home that Friday afternoon I got a call from the school district informing me that all schools were also closing for 3 weeks.
Now it has been over 8 months and my office is still closed and so are middle and high schools. Elementary schools opened in October but only part time. All kids are required to wear masks in school. As for the older students they study from home, online.
We are all required to wear masks when outside of our homes and keep 6 feet away from other people. Restaurants are take-out only and stores can only let in 25% of capacity. There are no soccer games, no movie theaters and no gyms.
Covid has slowed our lives down and sometimes I feel isolated. We have not been able to visit out of town friends or family since March. Even though I miss my coworkers and my relatives everything is not negative, we spend more time outside, have more family time and do more cooking at home!