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The schools for kids from 16 years are closed (homeschooling). 

Some service homes for elders do not allow any visitors. 

Gatherings are regulated by law (ordningslagen) with a monetary penalty or up to 6 month prison for those who organizes such gatherings: Max 8 persons gatherings allowed (does not apply for private gatherings), both indoor and outdoor. 

Ica (like Edeka) have a red light sign showing if the max capacity is already reached and you are not yet allowed to enter.

Due to one of the 4 „basic“ laws in Sweden (grundgesetz), it is difficult to control/forbid peoples movement (consider the Allemansrätt in Sweden). The government can ask the swedish people to take responsibility and follow all recommendations:

You should only socialize with the persons living in the same house. If you are living alone, you are „allowed“ to meet with someone you are usually meeting with.

Work from home if possible.

If someone in your family is positive, the whole family should stay at home.

It is based on solidarity and each persons responsibility.

We stopped going to the gym already in the spring, now they are closed. We only meet with a few people and always outdoors, we always bring our own „fika“ (coffee). We are missing our children and grandchildren very much. Our church closed directly (in the spring) and all meetings are online. Services are broadcasted over YouTube or Facebook. We are now planning to meet for a coffee over zoom. 

More and more people are shopping online, the shops are doing worse and worse or even bankruptcy… Doing your grocery shopping online (homedelivery or picking up outside the store) is increasing a lot! We are not going by bus, only by bike or walking. Only a few are wearing a mask. In the hospitals and in the preschool (0 -5) no one is touching anyone else.

Public gatherings and events have a maximum of 8 participants. The police is allowed to cancel or disband a public gathering/event with more than 8 participants. Anyone who organises an event that violates the ban can face a fine or prison sentence of a maximum of six months. An exception is made for funerals, where a maximum of 20 participants is allowed. 

There is a ban on non-essential travel to Sweden from countries outside the EU in order to mitigate the effects of the coronavirus.

In church we have a small team of technicians of max 3 persons. A team of max 8 to make the service + music. We are disinfecting everything anyone used or touched. There are hand sanitizers at several places in church…

We are ok, we have each other and the possibility to be outside. A nice home and mostly nice food ;-). However, many are feeling isolated, the numbers of mental illness as well as unemployment are increasing.

For more information, if you are interested (both websites are in english):